Jack Black Expresses Optimism over Advancement of AI

AI May Usher a Bright Era, Believes Jack Black

Jack Black, renowned for his role in ‘Super Mario Bros.’, retains an optimistic view about the advancement of artificial intelligence, despite acknowledging ongoing concerns about this technology within the industry.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Black demonstrated his open-minded approach, expressing, ‘The impact of this new technology is uncertain since it’s still emerging. However, I’m not inclined towards a pessimistic outlook.’

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Contrary to views that fear AI as a job-stealing or humanity-ending force, Black maintains a sanguine perspective.

He shared, ‘I’m not entirely convinced about the prophecy of AI turning into a Terminator, annihilating human jobs. To a great extent, I confess my ignorance about its eventual path, but there’s a part of me that expects it to usher in a bright era where it serves as a utility for all, enhancing our lives and contributing towards a better world.’

Appreciating the significant potential of AI, he said, ‘Why not consider the scenario where it’s the world’s savoir? Doesn’t that possibility exist?’ Black’s belief in AI’s potential to address pressing issues is palpable. ‘I harbor immense hope, especially since the scope for major improvements worldwide is so vast. Maybe it’s the elusive cure for cancer, maybe it’s effective interstellar travel, or perhaps it’s initiatives that are currently beyond human imagination.’

Artificial intelligence has proven to be a major topic of discourse during negotiations, with an emphasis on the consent required to use the digital likenesses or manipulations of actors. Such concerns were addressed in a contract ratified by SAG-AFTRA on December 5, which is set to expire on June 30, 2026.

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As per the details of this new agreement on the union’s official portal, it mandates ‘unmistakable and evident’ consent from actors prior to the creation of their ‘digital clones’ for any project. Furthermore, it stipulates compensating the performers for the duration they would have otherwise spent physically on the job.

As for Jack Black, he has a lot to be hopeful for in the current year. Alongside his enthusiasm for AI, he has achieved a commendable breakthrough in the music industry. His song ‘Peaches’, concocted for the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie, has brought him a Golden Globe nomination.

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This nomination wasn’t solitary, but was shared with notable collaborators Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Eric Osmond, and John Spiker. Appreciation for Black’s performance extends beyond the musical sphere, with the movie itself garnering nominations for its animated motion picture, cinematic, and box office achievements.


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