Actresses Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Yvonne Orji Say they Are Over the Dating Pool

Female Celebrities Opt for Solitude Over Romance

While media outlets may be buzzing with news about the alliance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, there are certain celebrities who are content postponing their love lives.

Among these is renowned model Linda Evangelista, who recently made it clear that she has no intention to participate in romantic commitments. Evangelista, in a conversation with The Sunday Times, shared, ‘I am done with sharing my bed with someone else. I am simply not keen on hearing another person’s breath.’

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In reference to her last romantic encounter, Evangelista expressed that it happened a good while before her CoolSculpting procedures which took place between August 2015 and February 2016.

The modeling icon launched a legal battle against Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc., the company behind CoolSculpting, demanding $50 million compensation by charging the firm with her ‘severe deformation.’ Evangelista, now 58, successfully concluded her suit in July 2022.

Reflecting back to 2013, Evangelista articulated to Harper’s Bazaar that her entire focus had transferred completely onto motherhood. The supermodel has a son named Augustin James, whose father is the French businessman François-Henri Pinault. Evangelista’s choice to retire from the dating game is reflective of a trend that appears to be gaining traction among a few other luminaries.

Actress Drew Barrymore has been living as a singleton for the last seven years after ending her marriage with Will Kopelman, with whom she has two daughters, Olive and Frankie.

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While sharing a candid insight into her personal life in a blog published in October, she revealed her decision to refrain from sexual relations since her divorce. She communicated, ‘I felt obligated to maintain a phase of celibacy, respecting and grieving the dissolution of the model family life that I had promised my daughters.’

The star of ‘Charlie’s Angels’ elaborated, ‘I do not abhor intimacy! But I have at last concluded that intimacy and emotional connection are not identical, a realization I have strived for my whole life. I have now transformed into a serene woman from being an extravagant social butterfly.

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Furthermore, the shattered dream of having a single partner for life after a marital life with children shook me brutally. Nevertheless, my heart is overflowing with love for my daughters. This is also the first time that I have included self-appreciation.’

Sharon Stone, who has previously been involved in multiple romantic engagements and had been married, commented in 2021 that she has decided to put a halt to it. In a discussion on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show,’ Stone stated, ‘Enough with dating; I’m tired of it. I see people as dishonest and time-wasting. I draw more pleasure from solitude, family, and friends.’

She continued, ‘I feel uninterested in another responsibility. I want sincerity in life without any fuss or duplicity.’ Stone seemed to join Barrymore’s observation of an emerging trend of women losing interest in romance, responding, ‘That’s right, I don’t think men are at the same mental level as women currently.’

Additionally Stone noted, ‘I have trustworthy male friends. But when we talk about emotional growth in relationships, it feels like men and women are at dissimilar places.’

Diane Keaton, known for her numerous high-profile relationships with celebrities such as Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, and Woody Allen, has remained single and, according to recent conversations, shows no keen interest in changing her marital status.

In a statement to AARP: The Magazine lately, the septuagenarian stated that there was a ‘very slim’ chance she would venture into a romance again. She said, ‘I remain single. Very unlikely that I would date. No one seems to call me for a date. Such things do not happen. Absolutely not.’ Keaton adopted two children during her 50s; a daughter, Dexter, and a son, Duke.

Actress Yvonne Orji made headlines in September when she confessed to comedian Chelsea Handler that despite being in her late thirties, she remained a virgin. Orji, notable for her role in ‘Insecure,’ became the talk of the town when she unveiled on Chelsea Handler’s ‘Dear Chelsea’ podcast that she has refrained from intimacy until now at the age of 39.

When directly enquired by Handler about her virginity, Orji confidently affirmed, leaving Handler astounded. In Orji’s role as Molly Carter on HBO’s ‘Insecure’, from 2016 to 2021, her character was seen in several intimate scenes. During the podcast, Orji requested her loved ones to ‘Keep him in prayers, whoever he happens to be… because I have a ton of unreleased energy within me.’

The 39-year-old appeared content with her choice, stating, ‘It seems to me that I could not have gotten wedded leading up to this moment.’ The actress has been open in the past about her choice to stay away from physical intimacy.


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