Actor Sylvester Stallone Explains his Move to Palm Beach from California

Sylvester Stallone’s $58 Million Home Becomes Adele’s New Jewel

A couple of years back, renowned actor Sylvester Stallone made a significant change by relocating from Los Angeles, California to Palm Beach, Florida. His impetus behind this significant decision was captured in the beginning episodes of his documentary on Netflix. There, within the confines of his vast LA residence, Stallone can be seen undergoing huge changes as movers start to box up the accumulated years of his existence and quite a legendary career.

Stallone pondered over his state of being and felt an increasing sense of stagnation. For him, life was becoming a predictable cycle, a monotonous loop that was gradually impacting his vitality. It was like an old fruit precariously hanging from a tree, slowly shriveling away, losing its firmness and life. He had this stark realization that he didn’t want this stagnation to define the rest of his life — potentially 20 more years.

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The idea of embracing change and its inherent uncertainties to regain liveliness hit Stallone hard. The primal push to upend his life was the key to reenergizing his spirit. Thus, the decision to shift towards the eastern part of the US, to essentially pack up years of memories and start afresh, became his personal challenge and potent inspiration. A significant part of these memories was represented by the statue of his famous character, Rocky, watching over his LA property.

Originally, Stallone wanted to carry this symbol of his past, the Rocky Balboa statue, with him to his new home. However, as life would have it, the statue became a vital point of attraction for the individual who would go on to buy his LA home – none other than the accomplished singer, Adele.

Compiled details from Harper’s Bazaar reveal that Adele acquired this extravagant property from Stallone for a whopping $58 million. The house, nestled in an exclusive part of Beverly Hills often occupied by celebrities, is a masterpiece with eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. It’s a classic blend of luxury and functionality with notable features like a cinema room, a customized bar in the cigar room, an eight-car garage, a never-ending pool, a therapeutic spa, and even an art studio. Stallone had this house erected on a 3.5-acre plot that he purchased back in 1994.

As part of a mutual agreement, Stallone conceded to let Adele keep the iconic Rocky Balboa statue with the house. He appreciates Adele’s vision and plans for upgrading his erstwhile residence, making a remark to the effect that ‘She’s making it gorgeous.’ Inside his documentary, viewers can see Stallone’s crew cautiously moving a different, yet equally significant Rocky statue into a moving van from within the house.

At one point in the documentary, Stallone vividly shares his thoughts about his journey as a filmmaker and the seemingly wide gap between his domestic life and professional front. He reminisces about his younger self and his ambitions of a home filled with art and children’s laughter. With time, that lively home felt more like an echoing mansion as the children moved away, making him realize that it had lost its role as a muse.

Stallone underscores that his decision to relocate wasn’t guided by a desire for a different or more attractive panorama. Rather, it was the need to break away from the familiar, to disrupt the normality that was pushing him into creative stagnation. By changing his environment, Stallone hoped to rekindle his inspiration and give his life a much-needed reset.

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The actor went on to explain his take on how with each film he chooses to work on, the process seems to grow more strenuous. The initial thirst of an aspiring artist may wane over time, leading to a decreased sense of novelty and an increased degree of creative struggle.

In the year 2021, reports from the Palm Beach Daily News confirmed that Sylvester Stallone was indeed the new owner of a massive, $35.4 million mansion situated in Palm Beach, Florida.

The property sprawls over 1.5 acres of serene, lakefront land, with the house fronting an immense beach stretch of more than 250 feet, fitted with a dock. The sum total of habitable space, encompassing the main house, a guest house, and a pool pavilion situated near the eye-catching, keyhole-shaped pool in the backyard, exceeds 13,000 square feet. This property houses seven bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, as per the listing details on


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