80,000 to 100,000 Ex-Military Respond to Vaccine Mandate with Lawsuit 

Valiant Fight: Ex-Military Personnel Tackle Vaccine Mandate in Court


In the wake of actions enacted by the federal administration, several veterans of the United States military institutions found themselves drawn into a legal battle against the state. The root of the issue is a directive related to COVID-19 vaccination that necessitated all personnel to receive the jab, imposed under the Biden administration’s Department of Defense.

The fallout from this mandate reverberated deeply, prompting an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 military personnel to vacate their roles, either voluntarily or by dismissal, consequently losing their remuneration and entitlements.

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Legal representation in this significant lawsuit is furnished by Dale Saran, Andy Meyer, and Brandon Johnson, attorneys chosen by the affected ex-service members.

The mandate meant that these individuals had to abandon their military careers, hampering their training routines, and their progression. The case, lodged with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, is a collective effort to win back the billions of dollars of potential damages stemming from this policy.

A significant and unusual repercussion of this debacle was that many dismissed personnel were asked to refund their enlistment bonuses. Saran brought attention to the fact that a large proportion of the individuals who fell foul of the new rule ended up having to repay substantial sums, adding insult to injury in the wake of their abrupt departure from service.

An interesting twist in this narrative is the current recruiting dilemma faced by the administration. While these income-deprived ex-service members strive for the benefits they believe are rightfully theirs, the Biden cabinet finds itself with an imminent requirement for more military recruits.

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It seems their solution, as reported in The D.C. Enquirer, is directly appealing to the very same group they caused to exit. Presidential missives are being dispatched to ex-military personnel who left over COVID-19 vaccination refusal, beckoning them to revisit the forces.

This overture from the government invites previous military personnel to reevaluate their military records by approaching the Army Discharge Review Board or the Army Board for Correction of Military Records. The end goal? A potential revocation of their discharge, thus providing an avenue for them to rejoin the military establishment.

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The official letter, bearing the signature of Brigadier General Hope C. Rampy, the US Army’s Director of the Military Personnel Management Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, clarifies the legal nuances. It notes the cancellation of all present COVID-19 vaccination prerequisites is a platform that can allow previously departing soldiers, having left on grounds of vaccine refusal, to pursue adjustments in their official military records.

The opportunity to fine-tune records, however, does not necessarily mute the financial blow felt by many ex-military staff. Their forced departure due to their refusal to be vaccinated led to considerable financial losses which amounted to an expansive loss in their income.

So, while the window for alterations to their service chronicles and reenlistment may be a silver lining, the financial strains on the pockets of many have not receded. The thousands of dollars they had to forfeit upon their exit hang as a reminder of the financial consequences that came with their departure over a matter of principle.

The class-action lawsuit stands as a beacon of hope for those who believe they lost out monetarily due to a mandate they felt forced to reject. Although the government’s large-scale recruitment drive may be a catalyst for a possible military career reboot for these service members, the lawsuit offers a potential means for them to recoup the funds lost during their reluctant departures.

Their brave challenge against this mandate stands out as a testament to their courage, reflective of the spirit of service they embodied while in the military. This tale holds a lesson for the decades to come, on the intersection of law, administration policy, individual rights, and the duties of public service.

The repercussions of these kind of mandates on members of our armed services should continue to be watched closely. Ensuring that the integrity of our service members’ careers and their belief in the system they swore to protect is an essential aspect of a stable and thriving military.

The fight between these service members and the administration symbolizes more than just a legal battle over a health directive – it’s a stark reminder of the crucial balance that has to be struck between individual civil liberties and collective public safety.

The lawsuit’s outcome could potentially influence future policies affecting military personnel, serving as a benchmark case. On a wider scale, the issue of whether public safety can override personal beliefs, particularly in the discipline-intensive military environment, is now under an unprecedented level of scrutiny.

While the wheels of justice turn, and those affected continue to fight their battles, the episode leaves a keen reminder of the importance of dialogue and empathy in policy-making, particularly in a profession where dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering loyalty are the orders of the day.


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