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WATCH: 50 Cent Admits He Thinks Trump Is Going to Win the Presidential Election After Controversial AI Video

50 Cent Keeps Trump Alive in Pop Culture Through Controversy

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson stirred the pot on social media platform X, candidly hinting at a potential return to the presidency for Donald Trump, capturing the attention of his extensive fan base of over 12 million.

The rapper took to his social channels early on Tuesday, outlining his views with a hint of satire, saying, ‘The world’s nearly at its end, so what’s the big fuss?’ paired with a light-hearted shrug emoji to express his lighthearted indecisiveness.

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Jackson then called out an anonymous individual, presumably the creator of an AI-generated video featuring Trump, proclaiming, ‘This is absurd,’ clearly upset with the fabricated depiction of the former president. Following this, he boldly indicated his conviction that Trump might reclaim presidential office, though he managed to employ ambiguity by adding, ‘but I’m not claiming to predict the future.’ Alongside this provocative statement, he also seamlessly directed his followers to his merchandise site.

The controversial video had superimposed an artificial and harsh rant onto an archival interview with Trump. The AI fabrication had Trump saying, ‘Puffy, Puffy, Puffy, you foolish individual, I warn you not to associate with R. Kelly, my statement was, ‘Approach, don’t abduct.’

In the year 2022, R. Kelly was convicted and sent to jail for three decades due to eight sex trafficking charges and a single count of racketeering. The phony Trump vocal in the video mentioned both Diddy and the actual Trump house raids, uttering, ‘Your place was searched too, as I see. I received a notice before they turned my place upside down. You’ve really messed up.’

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Jackson is notorious for his fearless and controversial statements on Trump. Only a month earlier, he sparked discussion with a post suggesting Trump may be the solution, following the news of potential migrant aid by New York City.

He expressed his confusion energetically, saying, ‘What on earth? Mayor Adams, contact me, I can’t fathom this situation,’ voicing his doubt on the scheme to provide pre-paid credit cards to migrants in NYC.

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In 2020, Jackson made headlines by sharply criticizing then-presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s tax proposal on Instagram. He passionately posted, ‘This can’t be real! (Let’s Go For TRUMP) I’m done. Forget NEW YORK. The KNICKS always lose. I can handle Trump being indifferent to African-Americans. Paying 62% in taxes – have they lost their wits?’

Despite his earlier pro-Trump stances, the rapper eventually publicly redacted his endorsement for Trump right before the 2020 presidential election

Jackson’s repeated expressions of support for Trump, even though they were sometimes tinged with sarcasm or were later retracted, remind us of the multi-faceted nature of political influences in the pop culture arena.

The rapper’s polarizing political views seem to resonate with many conservatives who appreciate someone in the entertainment industry bucking the left-leaning trend. This is regardless of whether he retracted his endorsement or not.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with 50 Cent’s views, and whether they are delivered in earnest or cloaked in humor, these expressions of support for conservative figures and policies underscore the fact that the conservative voice is influential and present even in traditionally liberal sectors of society such as the entertainment industry.

In the end, the controversy highlighted by Jackson, even in jest, brings to light the complexity and tension underlying political beliefs, especially those of public figures who tread the precarious line between their personal convictions and public personas.

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