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25 Republican Governors Unite To Support Texas In Its Fight To Secure The Border

25 US Leaders Rally Behind Texas for Border Security

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Twenty-five Republican leaders across our great nation came together, unified, to voice their support for the Lone Star state, Texas, in its mission for enhanced border security. Tensions have stirred in recent times as the new administration actively impends Texas’ determined pursuit for border fortification around its Mexican boundary. This has consequently been perceived as an open invitation to unchecked illegal immigration. The current President’s Administration has left us wide open, susceptible to an intense influx of illegal immigration unprecedented in our nation’s vibrant history.

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Broadly speaking, instead of prioritizing laws established by our forefathers and taking measures to secure our borders, the political leadership now lodged in the White House has instead chosen to question and challenge Texas for its commitment to protect its own citizens. This contention is against escalating waves of illegal immigration, the fervor of deadly narcotics such as fentanyl, and an underlying concern of invisible threats infiltrating our homeland. The Administration’s actions betray the eyes of strengthened vigilance that never rest, always ready to defend our freedom.

Twenty-five leaders, a representation of genuine American spirit and resilience, boldly stand in solidarity with the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott. Together, they support his state’s resilience and adaptability in employing every practical tool and method at their disposal, even bolstering security with a razor wire fence, to secure the sovereign borderland Texas cherishes.

This critical step is, in part, a countermeasure to the refusal of the current Administration to reinforce immigration laws fundamentally enshrined in our nation. This refusal has led to a sweeping and near-unilateral allowance for migrants who entered our nation unlawfully to roam free, leaving the burden to the states and their leaders unceremoniously.

These prominent leaders argue coherently that our U.S. Constitution adequately dictates that each state reserves the right to defend itself. A role none more important now when the present administration seemingly forgoes its constitutional responsibilities to the states. Hence, substituting and amplifying the role of Texas with every possible legal means towards sovereignty becomes the noble and justifiable course of action. Strikingly, they opine that our nation’s sovereignty should similarly be fortified using every legally permissible mechanism.

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The distinguished collection of voices bear in their signatures the weight of resolve and unity. An impressive roster includes Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, Oklahoma’s Governor Kevin Stitt, Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte, Nevada’s Governor Joe Lombardo, and Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds, among others.

Continuing this notable list of patriots and leaders, the Granite State’s Governor Chris Sununu, Governor Kay Ivey from Alabama, Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska, Governor Sarah Sanders of Arkansas, and Governor Brad Little representing Idaho all added their support for this cause.

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Further backing came from Governor Eric Holcomb of Indiana, Louisiana’s Governor Jeff Landry, Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Missouri’s Governor Mike Parson, and Governor Jim Pillen from Nebraska. They all join this concerted effort towards border security.

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota, the Buckeye State’s Governor Mike DeWine, Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina, and South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem have also thrown their support behind Texas, further consolidating the call for sovereign protection.

Adding to this meaningful accord, Governor Bill Lee from Tennessee, Utah’s Governor Spencer Cox, Virginia’s fresh leadership in the form of Governor Glenn Youngkin, West Virginia’s Governor Jim Justice, and Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon round off this resolute group of leaders standing alongside Texas.

Indicatively, there wasn’t unanimous consensus among all Republican governors. Significantly committing to the sidelines, Vermont Governor Phil Scott represents the singular Republican governor across the nation who abstained from adding his name to this substantial statement—a notable lack of unity.

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