23 Years of Love: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas Celebrate Their Wedding Anniversary

Hollywood’s Timeless Pair: Zeta-Jones and Douglas Mark 23rd Anniversary

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 19: (L-R) Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones attend the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 19, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

On their 23rd wedding anniversary, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas joyously marked their enduring journey as a married couple. The cherished celebration was accentuated by a heartwarming post from Zeta-Jones, 54, on her Instagram profile. The post consisted of nostalgia-inducing photos dating back to their nuptials in 2000 and various memorable moments throughout their union.

In heartfelt communique to her doting 79-year-old husband, she light-heartedly stated, ‘Today marks our 23 years of blissful marriage. Darling Michael, your Nobel Peace Prize is in the queue.’ The charming couple also shares the same birthday, adding another layer of affinity between them.

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Douglas, reciprocating the loving sentiments, posted a timeless snapshot of the two dancing in harmony. The accompanying caption read, ‘Celebrating 23 with my beloved Catherine Zeta-Jones, my darling.’

The couple’s anniversary elicited a wave of warm wishes from friends, fans, and fellow celebrities on the social media platform. Lifestyle entrepreneur Martha Stewart fondly reminisced about being part of the couple’s grand wedding festivities over 2 decades ago.

Caught in the frame at the ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ premiere in Los Angeles, the couple exuded Red Carpet elegance. Adding to their list of things to commemorate, they celebrated their shared birthday in September.

The Douglas family had additional reasons to celebrate as the couple expressed their love and pride for their son Dylan on his 23rd birthday in August. Each parent shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, paying tribute to their firstborn, wishing him happiness, creativity always tinged with affection.

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Douglas, signing off his birthday message with the phrase, ‘Your biggest fan, Dad.’, exemplified his unending affection and pride for his son. His equally sentimental caption was, ‘Happy birthday Dylan! I hope your new year is filled with joy, creativity, and abundant love.’

Joining the birthday choir for Dylan, Zeta-Jones penned down a loving note, stating, ‘Happy birthday, my boy.’ Alongside her husband’s post, she made a separate post for her son, expressing her inimitable love and adoration for him.

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She also shared a touching reminder of Dylan as a toddler, reminiscing about the day he was born, 23 years ago. Zeta-Jones esteemed her son as ‘the gift that keeps on giving,’ expressing her unfettered love for him.

Douglas, father to Cameron, 44, from his previous marriage with Diandra Luker, has always embraced his role as a caring and supportive father. His dedication towards his family is reflected in the happy family moments shared publicly.

Looking back on the past year, Zeta-Jones expressed gratitude for her fulfilling family life in an interview with PEOPLE. She admired the constant support she received from her children whether it was in her professional life or personal one.

She elaborated on how both Dylan and her daughter Carys, 20, shared by Douglas, always stood by her. The unconditional support from her children has been a great source of happiness and strength to her. She shares a close bond with Carys, injecting their relationship with deep affection and mutual respect.

In the same interview, Zeta-Jones couldn’t contain her admiration for her children’s unwavering support. She regarded herself as blessed to have them in her life, loudly appreciating their encouragement and affection.

Her relationships with her husband and children are the center of Zeta-Jones’ world and life. The bond they share as a family has only grown stronger over time. All these memorable moments – from birthdays to anniversaries – are testament to their love and bond as a family.


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